3 year AmmoPower guarantee

At Ammonite System®, we are aware that each element of diving gear contributes to the diver’s safety, with as much as their life depending on a small piece of equipment.

We know that Ammonite System® torches are reliable. Do you?

We give you a bonus of 1 year of FREE OF CHARGE guarantee for all of our tank lamp torches.

Let this be a testimony to the highest quality and reliability of our products.

Now all tank lamp torches are included in the AmmoPower system's 3 year guarantee.

In order for you to be eligible for the 3 year AmmoPower guarantee, you need to

1. Familiarize yourself with the guarantee terms

2. Fill in the guarantee form

3. Confirm that you have received it

4. Keep the certificate

AmmoPower Commercial Guarantee (2 + 1 free of charge)

I. General provisions

On every purchase of Ammonite System® products, the Manufacturer enables the Customer to optionally participate in the 3 year AmmoPower commercial guarantee.

The AmmoPower program entails 2 years of basic guarantee that Customers are entitled to under the statutory obligations plus 1 bonus year of commercial guarantee.

Within the meaning of the AmmoPower program, a "Consumer" is every natural person owning the product who has not purchased it for the purpose of further commercial distribution.

Within the meaning of the AmmoPower program, a "Product" is every single product presented in the Manufacturer's commercial offer of tank lamp torches (e.g. headlight, battery, charger, or cable).

Within the meaning of the AmmoPower program, a "Kit" is a set of a few products offered by the Manufacturer. A kit comprises the following: head, battery, charger, and connecting cable. The AmmoPower program does not affect the validity of the general legal regulations in force, while its extended performance begins once the period of the statutory 2 year guarantee has elapsed.

II. Terms of participation in the extended AmmoPower guarantee program

The AmmoPower guarantee program encompasses torches featuring tank lamp construction (with an external battery), purchased no sooner than 1st January 2013 on territory of European Union, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine.

The Consumer's participation in the extended 3 year AmmoPower guarantee program is conditional upon their registering with the http://ammopower.ammonitesystem.com site within the period of the standard statutory guarantee (2 years from purchase of the product) and giving their personal information together with the date and place of purchase as well as the serial numbers of all products purchased which provide such identification.

Then, after the Consumer's information has been positively verified, the Manufacturer will send the AmmoPower certificate by e-mail to the address specified by the Consumer. Having received the AmmoPower certificate, the Consumer is automatically granted the entitlement to the guarantee protection extended by 1 year as against the statutory guarantee.

III. Protection on the account of the AmmoPower commercial guarantee

Ammonite System® guarantees to Consumers that its products are free of material faults, manufacturing faults, or faults in design. The above will be determined taking account of the state of scientific and technical knowledge at the time of manufacturing of the product.

The AmmoPower commercial guarantee entails solely faults present in products already at the manufacturing stage.

Any claims arising from damage on the account of normal wear and tear caused by use of products will be deemed invalid.

The AmmoPower commercial guarantee is valid for a total of 3 years from purchase of products (as single units or kits) by the Consumer, proven by purchase receipt, which is to be kept by the Consumer over the entire period of the guarantee.

On the account of the delivery of the Manufacturer's obligations under the 3 year AmmoPower guarantee program, most notably in the event of repair or replacement of any part or element of the product included in the commercial guarantee, the guarantee period will not be prolonged, nor will it be renewed.

IV. Reporting a fault in writing

Claims arising from the AmmoPower commercial guarantee may be made by the Consumer in the form of a written report of the fault within the period of guarantee time pertaining to the products.

Retaining any such claims' validity is conditional upon the Consumer's reporting the faults within two months from the day on which the faults are identified, or from the day on which they should have been identified by the Consumer.

The Consumer will be obligated to provide evidence of their being entitled to the 3 year AmmoPower commercial guarantee by producing an original copy of the guarantee with the AmmoPower certificate to the Manufacturer.

V. The Manufacturer's obligations under the guarantee

Ammonite System® may at its discretion choose to either repair or replace the faulty product.

Repair of the faulty product will be executed by the Ammonite System® service centre.

In the event Ammonite System® determines that the fault meets the guarantee criteria and decides to execute the repair, it will incur all cost of replacement parts, installation and repair thus arising as well as all product transport and shipping expenses.

The Consumer will make the faulty product available together with the remaining parts of the lighting kit, where "kit" is construed within the meaning of Section 1 of the AmmoPower Commercial Guarantee, for a period of time necessary to execute the repair work and service tests indispensable for determining the nature of the fault.

In the event it is necessary to replace the faulty product with a new one – it will be replaced free of charge with a new item of the same kind, quality and type.

Should the product be out of production on the day the fault is reported, Ammonite System® will have the right to supply a product whose parameters and quality are nearest to the product's which the claim concerns.

Should Ammonite System® deem the Consumer's claim to be valid, it will incur the cost relating to its execution.

VI. Conditions and exclusions

The AmmoPower commercial guarantee's validity is conditional upon the Consumer's registering on the Manufacturer's site, receiving the 3 year guarantee card by mail, as well as keeping it, along with the purchase receipt, with due care.

The guarantee will not release the Consumer from due care of the product. Furthermore, it will not include products damaged due to non-adherence to the conditions of its use.

User's manuals and operating guidance are attached to every product or kit in Polish or English.

Claims under the guarantee will not apply to the following:

  • fragile parts, e.g. glass,
  • HID filaments,
  • breakage/wear of the cable for head power supply,
  • wear materials, e.g. batteries,
  • damage caused by misuse,
  • damage caused by aggressive weather conditions, chemicals, or cleaning agents,
  • damage to the product caused by inappropriate transport or storage.

The guarantee will be null and void in the event of the following:

  • non-adherence to the user's manual and operating guidance provided to the Consumer,
  • maintenance or repairs carried out by unauthorised personnel,
  • damage to the product caused by a third party or animals,
  • damage related to normal wear or damage done intentionally,
  • inappropriate maintenance, insufficient care or a lack thereof,
  • products which were not or are not applied in accordance with their purpose,
  • damage caused by force majeure, natural disasters, floods, fires, or damage caused by low and/or high temperatures.

VII. Exclusion of guarantee

Should, in the event a fault of the product is identified, such a fault fail to meet the criteria of the 3 year AmmoPower commercial guarantee, the cost of the product or kit shipping be incurred by the Consumer.

Should the Consumer, having been informed of the exclusion of guarantee as well as the expected repair costs of the fault, wish the repair to be executed, it will be obligated to additionally incur the costs of replacement parts and labour. For this purpose, it will be provided with a cost estimate drawn up by the service centre.

VIII. Place of execution

The above guarantee terms will be binding in the whole of the European Union.

A Consumer entitled to making claims arising from the AmmoPower commercial guarantee may pursue them solely before a court of factual jurisdiction based in Wrocław, while the governing law will be the Polish law.

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